Vietnam War – that’s one big ass snake!!

Vietnam War – that’s one big ass snake!!

Here he is with his mom before shipping out. He eventually became a world champion ping pong player and owner of one of America’s most successful seafood companies.

Okay, so Forrest Gump , but his time spent in the jungle is one of the most touching and accurate depictions of what American troops fced while fighting the war. While there are definitely more intense movies about the Vietnam War, Forrest Gump was the first film that brought the plight of the American soldier to mass audiences.

The film doesn’t just show the horrific conditions that every soldier faced, it also shows the bonding process that took place for many of the men fighting over seas. Despite their differences Forrest, Bubba, and Lt. Dan are bonded in battle and thus bonded for life.

The Viet Cong. Jungle Warfare. Traps laid out at every conceivable step – all childsplay compared to the big ass snakes that populated the . While you can prepare soldiers to take bullets and avoid RPGs, it’s an entirely different thing to prepare them for a run in with a snake that’s as long as a living room floor, if not longer.

Many soldiers had to go on a kind of snake detail in order to make sure their bases were free of giant carnivorous snakes, which must have been a delight to the ophiophobes in the military.

Nancy Sinatra with 1st Infantry US Army, Vietnam, 1967.

Bang bang, this baby wasn’t shot down during her first USO tour in 1967, and thank goodness because that would have been a national tragedy. In February 1967 Sinatra made her first trip to visit troops in Vietnam where she performed hits like “These Boots Were Made For Walkin’” for the entertainment deprived troops overseas in between meet and greets. (more…)

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