U.S. Financial Aid Options for International Students

U.S. Financial Aid Options for International Students

Despite the many advantages, international students face numerous challenges living in the U.S. The high cost of tuition is a primary concern.

Additionally, the cost of living is extremely high in the U.S. Many international students come from developing countries, where life is simpler and much less expensive. They often find it hard to adjust to a new financial reality.

Financial Aid for International Students

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Below are two possible solutions that can help international students achieve financial stability and consequently succeed in their academic pursuits.

Student Loans

First, international students can apply for financial aid at the schools they are planning to attend. Many international students do not know about financial aid-what is available to them and how to apply for it. It is true that some financial aid sources, such as federal student loans, are available only to citizens. However, international students have other aid options.

  • School loans: Some schools make loans available to international students. Students can contact their academic advisor or their school’s financial aid office to learn more. (Loans must be paid back, with interest.)
  • Private loans: Some private lenders offer loans to international students. To get more information, students can contact international student services or the office of financial aid at their school.
  • The International Education Financial Aid (IEFA) organization: IEFA has partnered with the leading provider of international student loan programs to provide students around the world with financial aid options to fund their education abroad. Students can check IEFA’s website for information about eligibility and how to apply.

Scholarships and Grants

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Second, international students can apply for scholarships at the schools where they hope to enroll. Many universities offer scholarships and grants for students regardless of their citizenship. (more…)

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